Our Premium OBB Beard Growth Supplement along with over 20 different vitamins and all natural herbs has the highest amount of Biotin than any other beard growth supplement out there.

Fact: Biotin deficiency can be caused by inadequate dietary intake or inheritance of one or more inborn genetic disorders that affect biotin metabolism.[2][3] Subclinical deficiency can cause mild symptoms, such as hair thinning or skin rash typically on the face.
Where Biotin is vital in growing thicker, fuller, more plentiful hair, it is not the only important part of the process this is why we have added various ingredients to help jump start your growth.
Ingredients like Bamboo extract which supports hair, skin & nail health - Bamboo Extract supplement is great for promoting healthy hair and nails, as well as smooth, hydrated skin. Skin hydration and healthy collagen may also help reduce visible signs of aging.
Saw palmetto to block estrogen and prevent hair loss. High levels of dihydrotestosterone are associated with hair loss, while high levels of testosterone are associated with hair growth. Some men take Saw Palmetto so their body’s level of dihydrotestosterone decreases and the level of testosterone increases. This can reduce hair loss and sometimes promote hair regrowth.
Based on organic green superfoods, nutrients and antioxidants, it also contains three essential nutrients for healthy hair: Barley grass, Alfalfa and Spirulina provide amino acids to support growth in the anagen phase. Horsertail which is rich in the mineral Silica a key nutrient for hair.
Lack of Nutrients facts:
Providing the body with essential nutrients is key to preventing hair loss and achieving thick luxurious hair. Our Beard Growth supplement capsules are perfect to help achieve stronger thicker hair.
Vitamin B Deficiency
A lack of B Vitamins is another cause of hair loss, which can be easily corrected. Essential Fatty acids are perfect to add to lustre and healthy hair.
Check out the other ingredients listed on the bottle and see for yourself why ours is the best.
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