Image of BEARD SHIELD ™️

OUTLAW Beard Shield™️

Our Beard Friendly Beard Shield offers complete coverage of your beard and also passes the lighter test.
This is the “NEW NORM” so why not do it right?
The masks on the market now DO NOT offer complete coverage like this... We went to the drawing board and designed the perfect protection from the elements from this “pandemic” and for the tradesman that wants to protect from the dusty conditions of his job. We kept YOU, the experienced Beardsman in mind.
With our custom rear adjustable straps to fit any size beard and face our Beard Shield™️ will not smash your beard down while still offering the coverage you require, there is a nose piece installed for comfort, and ear loops that fit without pulling your ears down. These Beard Shields will offer complete coverage for beards up to 15”.
NOW THAT’S having you covered!!

OBB has your Health and Beard in Mind. Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping on all Beard Shield orders.