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We only use the highest quality all natural ingredients and the finest quality essential oils in our Outlaw Beard Care Products

Beard Balm: 2 oz./ 60ml

~Ingredients: 100% premium cosmetic grade beeswax, 100% pure organic virgin coconut oil, 100% pure grape seed oil, 100% pure almond oil, 100% Jojoba oil, 100% pure castor oil, 100% pure Argan oil, various high quality 100% thereputic grade essential oils

We have five scents to choose from: 

★Gold Rush: Aperfect sweet, woodsy blend your beard and the little lady in your life won't be able to live without. 
*sandalwood/ cedar wood

★Liquid Gold: A manly, woodsy blend with a splash of citrus that is perfect for anytime of day or going out at night tearing up the town like an Outlaw! *bergamot/cedar wood

★Cash: A refreshing blend reminiscent of a fresh cut tree with a splash of citrus. After applying this invigorating & manly scent you're going to feel like you took over the poker table and your pockets are overflowing with CASH!! *frankincense/bergamot

★Deadwood: Sweet, & Woodsy with floral notes. A personal favorite. TRY IT!!
*rosewood/cedar wood/sandalwood

★Clean Slate: Unscented for the Outlaw that is still walking the line, but doesn't want to leave a trail behind.

No matter what scent you choose your chin whiskers will thank you!!