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We only use the highest quality all natural ingredients and the finest quality essential oils in our Outlaw Beard Care Products

Beard Balm: 2 oz./ 60ml

~Ingredients: 100% premium cosmetic grade beeswax, 100% pure organic virgin coconut oil, 100% pure grape seed oil, 100% pure almond oil, 100% Jojoba oil, 100% pure castor oil, 100% pure Argan oil, various high quality 100% thereputic grade essential oils

We have five *OG BLEND scents to choose from: 

★Cutthroat: Every OUTLAW enjoys visiting his favorite Barber to get a weekly beard line up or a fresh cut. Stepping out of the barbershop feeling like you can takeover the WORLD & that fresh clean scent that comes with your visit reminding you all day that you’re a BOSS an OUTLAW, that you take care of yourself, you take your time & think things through... YOU get shit DONE!
We at OBB have created a scent that will give you that feeling all day everyday! **Scent: Top notes of clean bay rum blended with mid notes of sandalwood and base notes patchouli blended to perfection.

★NOMAD: Subtle top notes of cherry, mid notes of vanilla and cedar wood blended with the base notes of a fresh cut Cuban tobacco and rich leather create a sweet • warm • rich scent that gives you the feeling of FREEDOM much like a “NOMAD” roaming the land on two wheels wearing a worn leather jacket, wind blowing through your beard while smoking on rich robust cigars from the finest rollers in each exotic destination you visit. Nothing is more OUTLAW than living life on your terms... This scent will take you to whatever destination you choose. Get there...

★Cash: A refreshing blend reminiscent of a fresh cut tree with a splash of citrus. After applying this invigorating & manly scent you're going to feel like you took over the poker table and your pockets are overflowing with CASH!! *frankincense/bergamot

★Deadwood: Sweet, & Woodsy with floral notes. A personal favorite. TRY IT!!
*rosewood/cedar wood/sandalwood

★Clean Slate: Unscented for the Outlaw that is still walking the line, but doesn't want to leave a trail behind.

No matter what scent you choose your chin whiskers will thank you!!